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Julie Hahn Piano Studio Policy

Tuition and Fees 
Tuition is charged on a monthly basis, payable in advance at the first lesson of the month, where each monthly payment is calculated as follows:

The tuition rate varies upon the student's level or age. It will be determined at an interview before lessons commence.

Missed lessons and Lateness

Unexcused absence cannot be allowed for a make-up lesson. 
A make-up lesson will be scheduled only when a 24-hour notice of cancellation is made; any reason, with a limit of two times per semester. (August - Dec. / Jan. - June)
Lessons canceled by the teacher will be rescheduled. 
When a student cancels a make-up lesson, the lesson is forfeited. 
Any time missed due to lateness will be lost, unless otherwise agreed.


Inclement weather - When the schools are closed due to a severe weather condition, the studio will be closed. The parents will receive an email by the teacher to reschedule the lessons.

The studio will be closed on the following holidays and will be rescheduled for make-up lessons. The studio will be open on all other holidays in the school semester year.
•    Memorial Day 
•    Thanksgiving Day 
The studio will be closed on the holidays in the summer vacation (late June to late August) and also in the winter break (tentatively from Dec. 22 - Jan. 3). No make-up lessons will be scheduled. Deduction of payment is allowed.
During the summer times deduction of payment is allowed only two times including holidays. All other cancellations must be rescheduled. Consult with the teacher for the summer rates and schedule.  

Practice Time
Assignments and practice are expected to have the same priority as school homework. In order to progress satisfactorily, daily practice is necessary. Specific recommendable length of practice time will be discussed in person according to each student’s level and age. Students who participate in MTNA festivals, competitions, auditions and recitals need to spend more time practicing. There will be a risk to drop out an event, if the student is not prepared and not be ready to perform all the required repertoire from memory until one or two weeks prior to the event.

Lesson Termination (at the end of semesters only: December / June)
Parents must give a 30-day early notice to discontinue lessons. The student must finish the remainder of the month or give up any unused lessons, as there is no refund given.


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